​​06 Feb 2014

Residents’ Steering group held on 06/02/14


Minutes of a meeting of the Resident’s Steering group held on 06/02/14 at the Rivergate Centre


Present:  Liakim, Yvonne, Christine, Janine and Andrew

1. Election of Chair: Andrew was chosen to chair for the meeting.

2. Apologies: Received from Paula and Khushnood.

3. Terms of reference: It was agreed that the terms of reference of the Steering Group would be to “To involve as many residents as possible in the setting up of a Parish Council or a Residents’ Association or both”.
Amendments were made to the recommended map of the area for these terms of reference.

4. Name of the Steering Group: The Group agreed that it would be known as the Barking Reach Residents’ Steering Group.

5. Parish Council: The Group agreed to try to set up a Parish Council. It was agreed that Andrew should fill out the forms to apply for a £3,000 grant to inform  local residents of the Parish Council bid. He also undertook to inquire whether these funds could be used to fund a social event for adults which would explain the benefits of a Parish Council.

The Group concluded that it was important that the Parish Council was representative of the area and that it should not be dominated by any particular group.

It was also discussed what the Parish Councils’ priorities could be. It was agreed that facilities for young people and the promotion of the residents’ interest during the redevelopment of the area were likely to be the priorities.

6. Residents’ Association: The meeting agreed that as a Parish Council can take some time to set up that a residents group should be established which would operate as the shadow Parish Council.

7. Action List: Andrew to fill out grant application form and , in consultation with the Steering Group, start to prepare literature for distribution to residents. Janine to research more of the history of the local area.


27 FEB 2014

Barking Reach Residents Steering Group held on 26/02/2014


Barking Reach Residents Steering Group held on 26/02/2014


Minutes of a meeting of the Residents Steering Group held on 26/02/2014 at the Rivergate Centre

Present: Liakim, Andrew, Christine, Kushnood, Paula, Yvonne

  1. Apologies for Absence: Janine

  2. Minutes of last meeting : Agreed and signed

  3. Finance Report: The National Association of Local Councils has approved the funding for the Barking Reach campaign. Currently, leaflets are being printed at a cost of One hundred and ninety five pounds. AB will source reputable distributors, and leaflets to be delivered around the estate the weekend prior to the 13th March 2014.

  4. Arrangements for Public Meeting on Thursday 13th March.

We shall use the foyer at The Rivergate Centre, arriving at 6pm to set up before invited guests arrive for 7pm.

a)       Catering Arrangements.

Provide hot drinks, juice and doughnuts.

K.A to arrange with the Café on site to provide their services for tea/coffee and soft drinks.

AB and YT to arrange ordering and collection of doughnuts.

Café will arrange to clear cups and clear their own premises. The Steering Group will stay behind

and clear and tidy the foyer.

b)      Invited Guests.

Agreed to invite Pinnacle, Southern Housing, Thames View Resident’s Association, Head Teacher, Community Police, Barking Riverside Ltd, Dr Kalcat, Local Councilors and MP amongst others.

All contact details to be forwarded to AB so he can send out invitations en masse via email.

AB to invite Angela from the Queens Park Parish Council to speak.  It is agreed to pay her minimal expenses for attending.

c)        Agenda

Guests arrive 7pm. Sign in sheet to include space for residents email addresses. C.T to prepare.

Eat, drink, and mingle


Speaker: Angela

Groups: 8 tables

Questionnaire C.T to prepare

Explore options

Invite volunteers

  1. Post public Meeting.

Design and print feedback newsletter, with voucher incentive to respond.

5 x Ten Pound vouchers (Asda) as incentive for response to newsletter, by way of a draw.

CT asked to open a Facebook Group named ‘Barking Reach Residents. All members of steering group to be added as administrators.

Agreed to purchase two large banners to display at the entrance to Marine drive (bus route) and to ask Bellway for permission to display.

Liakim to produce a design for the banners, incorporating possibly some of the local history and various languages

AB to obtain quotes for banners, leaflets etc.

6.       Any Other Business



20 MAR 2014

Barking Reach Residents Steering Group Meeting held on 19/03/2014


Barking Reach Residents Steering Group Meeting held on 19/03/2014


Minutes of a meeting of the Barking Reach Residents Steering Group held on 19/03/2014 7pm

Present: Andrew, Liakim, Kushnood, Christine, Janine, Yvonne

  1. Apologies for absence : Paula

  2. Minutes of last meeting : Agreed and signed

  3. Review of Public Meeting on 13th March 19, 2014 :

Catering arrangements were all good and received well. Leftover food was distributed to the cleaners of the building and families attending with children.

Of the guests invited, representatives from Pinnacle, Southern Housing, Thames View Residents Association, B.O.R. (Landscapers),B.R.L (Matthew) and both Councilors Geddes and Saime attended.

Whilst discussing the invited speaker, it was agreed that more communication is needed when plans need to change, and that we should let each other know prior to going ahead, even though this was not pertinent to this particular occasion, but should be kept in mind for future events particularly where finances are concerned.

An attendance list is available, and a star chart showing where the residents who attended reside.

It was noted that no residents attended from the east of Renwick Road (Great Fleete)and we should make an extra effort in future to engage the whole community.

The questionnaires were good, and the answers have given a lot of ideas to get our teeth sunk into.

  1. 4.      Arrangements for Residents’ Association

To be named Barking Reach Residents’ Association.

The committee will be made up of residents’ only, though local councilors will be invited to meetings.

It will be advertised in the magazine which is being prepared, inviting residents’ to attend the inaugural meeting on the 28th April 2014 at 7pm in the foyer of the Rivergate Centre.

A.B to book foyer.


  1. 5.      Magazine Contents

Eight pages, front cover will be page 1, back cover page 8.

To include pages covering:

a)      Photographs

b)      Comments from residents’ meeting. Y.T to collate comments and feedback.

c)      What is a Parish Council (in more detail)

d)      Powers of a Parish Council (again more detail)

e)      Invitation to the inaugural meeting of the new Residents’Associaton

f)       Page advertising local agencies, including National Grid

g)      Colour coded map showing who is responsible for which areas

h)      If possible, a page of advertising to generate funds, if not, a page advertising all the groups currently on the estate i.e.: RMA, Scouts, Sports/fitness Clubs

On each page running across the bottom, our email, website and facebook addresses.

A.B to design and organize.


  1. 6.      Any Other Business

Y.T reminded the group that we are promoting the Parish Council, regardless of the fact that we are now organizing a more formal Residents’ Association.


Barking Reach Residents’ Steering Group Meeting held on 07/05/2014

Minutes of a meeting of the Barking Reach Residents’ Steering Group held on 07/05/2014

Present: Liakim (left 8pm), Christine, Khurran (left 7.30), Khushnood, Andrew, Yvonne, Fatuma (arr 7.45).


1. Apologies for absence: None

2. Minutes of last meeting: Agreed and signed.

3. Bids for funds:

NALC have notified us that we are able to bid for funds again, up to seven thousand five hundred pounds. Whilst we are not in immediate need of putting in an application for funds, we are thinking of ideas for promoting the idea of a Parish Council, and will all return to the next meeting with some more ideas and if possible costings. Ideas spoken of included Open Days, Visiting individual streets on set dates, Parties through the summer holidays and our presence at the opening of the new playground on Galleons Close. We still have in the bank the money for the forthcoming magazine, five hundred and fifty pounds for the design and publishing and one hundred and forty pounds for distribution.

4. Arrangements for Inaugural Meeting:

The inaugural meeting of the new Barking Reach Residents’ Association had to be cancelled this month, so this has now been rescheduled for Monday 30th June at 7pm in the Rivergate Centre.

5. Magazine planning:

The magazine still needs 6 pages to be prepared. Janine to prepare a list of local clubs, Khusnood will provide a list of services in the area, and forward to Andrew. Magazine to be completed, published and delivered to residents’ by 15th June.

6. Any Other business.

Emails meant for the group to be sent on the ‘committee’ email address, as there are two different email addresses.

Fatuma was nominated and invited as a member of the Steering Group.

7. Date of next meeting:

27th May 7pm at the Rivergate Centre.

Meeting closed: 8.15pm.


Barking Reach Residents’ steering Group Meeting held on 27/05/2014

Minutes of a meeting of the Barking Reach Residents’ Steering Group held on 27/05/2014

Present: Andrew, Yvonne, Khushnood, Fatuma, Jeorgina, Kanwal, Kinjal

  1. Apologies fro Absence: Liakim

  2. Minutes of last Meeting: Agreed and signed

  3. Summer Activities for Grant Application

Agreed to apply for funds to cover the expenses of an Ice-cream trike, entertainer, and refreshment for the open day of the new park where we shall be present. Yvonne quoted cost of fully loaded Ice-cream trike at two hundred and seventy five pounds. Khushnood and Yvonne to continue research on entertainers to compare both cost and value for money. Agreed to serve cold drinks and healthy refreshments ie: fruit kebabs, need to arrange this (how to purchase and a volunteer for event). Also need to purchase Market Traders License to cover providing food at this and any future events.

We also agreed to the hire of a bouncy castle or two, with the maximum cost being one hundred and fifty pounds, though Khushnood expects the cost to be minimal through a contact of hers.

We also agreed to run an adults evening of entertainment coinciding with advertising our aims in September, with music. Need to find suitable band/ensemble for the event, we allocated two hundred pounds for this. We also need display boards for this, cost approx two hundred pounds.

The Steering Group will visit several streets throughout the summer to let the residents come to visit us and find out more. For this we will need a trestle table, stickers, T-shirts and balloons.

Andrew has compiled a list of other expected expenses, including Leaflets, Banner, Delivery, Logo Design and Website, Stationery and Literature about Parish Councils.

  1. Residents Association arrangements re: Barking Riverside

The Inaugural Meeting for the new Residents Association has been again confirmed as being held on Monday 30th June 7pm at the Rivergate Centre. We have been informed that Pinnacle (PSG) are starting their own Residents’ Association for those who dwell in the ‘Riverside’ part of the estate. This in effect will divide the estate into ‘old’ and ‘new’. So far only two of the residents who attend our meetings reside in the area that Pinnacle maintain. Andrew shall write to Pinnacle informing them that we are still forming the Barking Reach Residents’ Association, prior to the possibility of eventually forming a Parish Council. Pinnacle representatives were at the meeting at the Riverside Centre in January 2014 where it was established that we would forming a group of residents’ to these actions.

  1. Petition Arrangements

All agreed the petition draft copy was acceptable. Andrew to put a map of the area on the back.

  1. Magazine Pages

We are still waiting for the list of user groups, clubs and activities (Janine)

Khusnood provided the list of services, Yvonne provided the findings of the residents’, Andrew has taken photographs, including ones of the Great Fleete Estate where we hope to encourage residents’ to get involved both in attending events and on the committee of the forthcoming Residents’ Association and Parish Council. The magazine will be ready and delivered by the 15th June.


  1. Any Other Business

Yvonne asked to change the boundaries of the Parish Council, to exclude the ditches/waterways that are on the Thames View Estate. All agreed.

We need to design a logo for the Parish Council. This will be professionally done, but…. Could we all have a go at producing something, any ideas can be sent to the group via email. The logo will be on all future banners, stationary etc.

  1. Date of Next Meeting

Inaugural Meeting of the Barking Reach Residents’ Association

Riverside Centre Foyer, 7pm Monday 30th June.

If we need a short meeting beforehand for any arrangements for the Inaugural meeting, email the group

Minutes of inaugural meeting hold on Monday 30th June 2014 held at Rivergate centre.


Meeting started at 19:05, in attendants 45 residents’, 3 members of the Thames view residents association and a represent from pinnacle.

  1. Meeting chaired by Andrew Boff and minutes taken by Christine Thomas. Andrew welcomed all and introduced the steering group; he explained the reason for tonight’s meeting – to set up a residents association.

  2. Residents’ choose to spend ten minutes reading over the constitution and then voted, only one person abstained. Constitution adopted, but not signed by members as elections had not taken place.

  3. Visitors from Thames view residents association spoke to the group about the important of team work, working with the council and local councillors, and that the residents association is a voice for the local people.

  4. Election was held for:

Chair – Three people stood and a closed vote was held with Yvonne Thomas being elected.

Secretary – only Christine Thomas stood and was elected.

Treasurer – Two people stood and a closed vote was held with Jade Chung being elected.

Voting and counts was done and overseen by Andrew Boff, Janine Scothern, Aashima Suri and Laura Brookes.

Committee member – 24 member stood and all elected,

Aruj Qayum, Amanda Straucahan, Joseph Fagbemi, Rakesh Ravi, Peter Mason, Aashima Suri, Robin Suri, Fatuma Nahule, Vanessa Lawrence, Merlery Owusu, Silvano Griffith-Francis, Stephanie Enaohiou, Imran Mio, Angela Agombar, Janine Scothern, Andrew Boff, Denise Driver, Tracey O’sullivan, Val King, Henry Hilaire, Bridget Hilaire, Fatmata Kargbo, Sam Stevens, Khushood Almed.

  1. Sub-committee for Barking Riverside residents set up to work along side Pinnacle, 19 members volunteered, name collected by Christine Thomas and to be pasted by email to John Gibson of Pinnacle.

  2. Other points raised to be addressed at future meetings: Car parking Problems, Road safety around the school, Rubbish, Reason for grass square play area looking as they do, Anti-social behaviour, residents safety in blessing way and surrounding area, Having street reps, Cost of hiring community hall, parish council and safety of Residents emails and personal data collected by residents association.

  3. Meeting finished at 20:50 with date of next meeting to be set by Chair.

Minutes of meeting hold on Monday 21st July 2014 at 7:30pm held at Rivergate Centre.


Meeting started at 7:35pm

Guest speakers:

Alan Mullen from Gateway PLC –said how they wish to work with the residents, to resolve the problems they have been experiencing.

Jim Dunn - Tenant participation & resident involvement officer, said if there is a problem with parking, it needs to be reported every time to the council on 0208-215-3000.If there is a problem’s with youth/anti-social behaviour to report it to the police via 101. Jim also said that if there is a problem with workman starting building work early and causing a problem then the builders will have agreement with Bellway on the times they are allowed to work and that’s who needs to be contacted for support and advice.

John Gibson from Pinnacle, said that the first sub-committee meeting went well and the new park is likely to open in August.

  1. Apologies from Sam Stevens, Peter Mason, Mrs Hilaire, Cllr. Geddes and Cllr. Turner.

  2. Minutes agreed as true, signed and dated by chair and secretary.

  3. a) Special meeting called for on Monday 11th August to review constitution and add vice-chair, child protection officer and set quorum.

b) Data protection act 1998 agreed by vote.

c) Yvonne Thomas stated Steering group to work along side the residents association as a sub-committee and Andrew Boff to oversee the group. She also said that anyone else that was interested in the group could talk to Andrew about it.

  1. Reports

Chair – none.

Secretary – it any one wishes to receive emails of the minutes of agenda, please make sure that I have your email details.

Treasurer – None as not present.

  1. Forth coming event :

Party in the park- awaiting date from Pinnacle.

Summer holiday fun day – Khushood not present.

Music event – likely to be on 26th September details to follow.

Roundabout event – Yvonne to arrange.

  1. No other urgent Business, items for next meeting Child Protection policy, Street Reps and River crossing

  2. Meeting finished at 21:05 with date of next meeting being Special meeting Monday 11th August 2014 at 7pm.

A Record of the Minutes of a Public Meeting of the

 Barking Reach Residents' Association

Held on Wednesday 29th October 2014 8pm Rivergate Centre.



Meeting commenced 8pm


Chaired by Yvonne Thomas

Minuted by Denise Driver


Guest Speakers PC Anderson and PC Bhatt Thames SNT

Introduced themselves and spoke of what they do and where they are based.

Informed us that there had been a spate of burglaries on the Great Fleete Estate, and theft of plant from the Riverside building sites.They have increased patrols in the Riverside area.

Questions invited from the floor regarding what they can do for us as residents.

 They will monitor the parking around the VPA church.

They will respond to enquiries, but residents should still use 101 for non emergency. Chair will be given email details of their office to pass on to residents.


Guest Speaker Mrs Doris Hogger.

Doris a Barking resident for more than 50 years had in the past complained of the terrible smells leaching into the area from the Beckton Sewage Treatment Plant,and was invited onto a radio programme to discuss. Since then she has been a member of a working party that inspects the treatment plant several times per year.

She reports that in the past, childrens parties had to be cancelled, windows always kept closed throughout summer, washing brought in off the line, and that you felt you were actually 'eating' it (the smell). Since then, a tremendous amount of money has been spent on improving the plant, and if any smell occurs now, it is usually due to a repair being undertaken, and should subside within a few hours. If the smell continues, there is a phone number to call to report the matter which the Chair will be able to pass on to residents.

Doris said there is the opportunity for residents to visit the site during London Open House weekend.


Invited Guest Councillor Geddes (Thames Ward)

The Chair asked Councillor Geddes to explain to the floor what exactly is the Barking Riverside C.I.C (commonly known as the kick).

He explained how it was set up, how it will work in the future, and how with each 1,000 homes, 1 member will be elected from the residents, leading up to having 10 resident members. Currently, himself(Cameron Geddes),the leader of the council Darren Rodwell, and two members of Bellway homes make up the board. He was asked if the CIC would conflict with a Parish Council being set up in the same area, and stated that there could possibly be a duplication of tithes for the 'Riverside' residents. The CIC will receive funds from the residents of Riverside, not from the residents of properties built prior to Riverside (Riverside being those properties built at the same time or after the Rivergate Centre).

Questions were invited from the floor.

Planning applications and the restrictions imposed regarding the VPA Church on Thames Road were discussed. Also the traffic congestion and parking issues on a Tuesday morning and throughout Sundays.

Was asked about the large donation from VPA and was asked if this was spent on traffic management of the affected area.

Councillor Geddes sent an email directly to the appropriate department of the Council. He will follow this issue up and has included the Chair in the emails.



Yvonne Thomas handed out maps of the area, showing which roads are currently being cleaned by the council. These roads are litter picked, grass verges cut and bus stop bins emptied. Apart from the area 'Riverside' that is managed by Pinnacle PSG, it is hard to know who is responsible for each road and block of flats. Residents were asked to forward any info they have on this matter so as to update the map and make it clear who to contact in case of any issues with rubbish in the future.

The bus terminus by the Rivergate Centre has been very untidy and recently both the council and Pinnacle have been tidying it up, though neither are responsible for this as the land belongs to TFL (Transport for London).


Residents Questions


Mosquito Control. Nothing is in place that we are aware of to control the mosquito population, one resident gave an explanation of what spraying with chemicals would do, but stated that we would still get them as we the location of the site is surrounded by water courses. Advice given to control breeding in own gardens ie water butts, rubbish.


Water Features. Although the holding ponds and swales are indeed a decorative feature of the estate, they are in fact a necessity to deal with the rain water run off and to lessen the risk of flooding.


Shops. M Local(Morrisons Stores)will be located to the west of the public square and work is due to start on fitting it out in November. Due to open shortly.


Doctors. Dr Kalkatt who runs a paractice on the Thames View Estate, has been approached and agreed to come here, but is waiting for further details via MP Margaret Hodge, who has been emailed but as yet has not responded.


Thanks to Pinnacles new manager Ash,for providing an excellent table of refreshments.


Next meeting to be arranged.

Meeting ended 9pm.

Minutes of a meeting of Barking Reach Residents' Association held on 27th May 2015 at the Rivergate Centre


Meeting Commenced at 7.30pm


Apologies: Pete Mason, Kelly Cooper


1. Minutes form previous meeting agreed and signed.


2. Street parking updates. Pinnacle not in attendance, though Yvonne informed at CIC meeting that it will go ahead.


3. Bin Strike updates/rubbish. No updates, unclear still where to dispose of rubbish, though Pinnacle are taking Paladin bins around the Riverside part of the estate and clearing as much as they can.


4. Circus Opportunities for residents.

CBD are offering Stalls, volunteering, performing groups, and paid roles of stewarding/delivering flyers to residents for the event on the 1st and 2nd August.


5. Community Garden.

Yvonne has spoken with BRL briefly to find out if there is land available for a Community Garden. Will be persued after investigating further.

Communal green areas in Drake Close have had problems with logs rolled into ditches and newly laid turf damaged. Spoke with Pinnacle who will remedy the log removal by installing boulders...this to prevent football and damage to green.


6. Any Other Business.

The TFL consultation is still available on-line. If everyone can take part.

Triangoals are holding Womens Empowerment Events monthly at the Rivergate Centre, and will be running free childrens sport/activity days throughout the summer holidays.

Pinnacle were emailed to let know how nice the planting looks at the moment.


7. Date of next meeting

AGM on 30th June at 7.30pm Rivergate Centre.


Meeting closed 9pm.

Minutes of the Barking Reach Residents Association Annual General Meeting

Tuesday 30 June 2015

Rivergate centre, Minter Road



P Mason, R Mason, Y Thomas, Stacy Miller, Lisa Okafor, Fatuma Nalela, Jasper Sutherland, Kacper Kedzior, Vanessa Lawrence, Clive Thomas, Alex Thomas, Gareth Carey, Denise driver, Angela Agombar, Samatha Stevens


Apologies, Kelly Cooper, Tracy O’Sullivan


Welcome & introductions were made by the chair, Yvonne Thomas


Minutes of last AGM were agreed as a true record and signed as such by the secretary and chair.


Matters arising: Pete Mason, acting secretary, raised that he had not managed to obtain email addresses for some of the names of committee members recorded on the minutes of the 2014 AGM due to records not being passed on by the previous secretary. Efforts should be made to trace those lost, albeit a new committee was due to be elected.

It was also noted that the Barking Riverside Residents subgroup continues to function under the guidance of Pinnacle.


Chairperson’s report: Yvonne Thomas recorded the numerous events that had been organised, including fun ones, and noted the installation, litter pick up, the meeting on the question of parking restrictions and the hustings for the general election 2015. These were the only hustings held in the whole of the Barking constituency, at which all candidates except the Lib Dems were represented and which was attended by the press, with a large spread in the Barking and Dagenham Post covering the event, including pictures of all the participants. Many speakers have been invited over the year and the police have also usually been in attendance for questions from residents.

Pete Mason expressed on behalf of the AGM formal thanks for all the hard work Yvonne has put in over the year.


Secretary's report: Pete Mason agreed to be acting secretary in December after the resignation of the secretary and coordinated the press reports with coverage of our protest against the closure of the right turn into Renwick road from the A13.


Treasurers report: the Treasurer agreed at the last AGM has resigned and Vanessa Lawrence has stepped in at the last moment.


The officers then stood down and it was agreed that Ruth Mason chair the election of officers.


Election of committee/officers

Chair: Yvonne Thomas Proposed by Pete Mason and seconded by Vanessa Lawrence.

Vice-chair: Denise Driver proposed by Yvonne Thomas and seconded by Pete Mason

Secretary: Pete Mason proposed by Yvonne Thomas and seconded by Vanessa Lawrence

Treasurer Vanessa Lawrence proposed by Yvonne Thomas and seconded by Pete Mason

Child Protection Officer: Kelly Cooper proposed by Yvonne Thomas and seconded by Pete Mason

No other nominations were made, and all those nominated agreed to take the post.

General Committee: Gareth Carey, Stacy Miller, Lisa Okafor, Fatuma Nalele, Clive Thomas, in addition to those elected as officers.

Fatuma then expressed thanks to the officers for the work they had put in during the year, and expressed confidence that they and the general committee members had proved their willingness to consistently attend the meetings of the association.



Jasper Sutherland of Make Good, a Design and Engagement company which was responsible for constructing the park off Galleon’s Drive, addressed the meeting asking for proposals for a new park south of Morrisons which BRL will be building in the future together with the housing.

Ideas included slides and swings, and areas for different ages. The meeting emphasised the need for Football or a multipurpose area which includes football, the other football/basketball area off Galleon’s Drive being too small, and perhaps incorporating Tennis. A Parkour (free running) area incorporating a climbing wall, assault course and skateboard area was proposed. Also proposed an Outdoor Gym, Toilets, a noticeboard, and possibility of closing at night, with floodlights and CCTV essential. Care should be taking that equipment does not bang to avoid loud clanging noises through the night. A lido was also proposed.


Concern was again raised about the water in the flood areas particularly adjacent to the children’s playground. The fencing there was inadequate and small children can climb through. Although the water is shallow, Pinnacle was urged to regularly monitor that the safety equipment, in particular the life bouys, were present and not vandalised or missing. Jasper reported that the public is urged to report missing life bouys. The secretary argued that this was insufficient where there is a danger of drowning – it could be considered that Pinnacle had abdicated responsibility should a child drown and equipment was not being checked, the matter being merely left to the public.


It was agreed to meet on the last Wednesday in August 2015.

Barking Reach Residents Association meeting 26/8/15

Attendance: 42 present including the three ward councillors. Pinnacle was invited but was not represented.

Apologies: Kelly, Gareth

Minutes from the previous ordinary meeting in May were agreed as a true record.

Matters arising: The circus discussed in minutes has taken place

Police matters: The police were not in attendance this time.

Noise and Antisocial behaviour:

It was reported that there was anti-social behaviour by the lake, in which 3 people were getting drunk between 3pm and 5pm and urinating openly into the lake. Agreed to write a letter to the police about this matter.

There was a complaint about too much noise from the PA system at the Rivergate church during bookings at the weekend. It was agreed to write a letter to the church to request those hiring the hall to keep in mind that this is a residential area and to keep the noise down.

Summer activities: The Olympic Park, Thames Walk the Triangiols activities and the Circus was discussed. A questionnaire was circulated from the University of East London.

VPA update:

Mr Johnson, a minister and trustee from the Victorious Pentecostal Assembly Church on Thames Road met with the Barking Reach Residents Association committee members and residents on the 26/8/15. The committee pressed home the issues facing the residents on Tuesday morning and Sunday, namely parking issues, blocking traffic on Thames road and Crossness road, and rudeness. The minister explained what had been done so far in this regard and agreed to improve matters.

Parking Enforcement:

Residents explained the injustices of the parking restrictions. A subcommittee was formed to follow up the discussion and to ensure our councillors have all the malpractices outlined for them in writing. The councillors, while not giving any guarantees of success, promised to take the issues up with Pinnacle at the highest level. Our MP should be contacted. Legal action should be discussed. Residents asked what are residents with two cars to do? They have nowhere local to park their second car.

AOB None

Date and time of next meeting: Wednesday 30 September 2015

These minutes were agreed as a true record at the BRRA meeting 30/9/15

Public Meeting of the Barking Reach Residents' Association (BRRA)

​30th September 2015 at The Rivergate Centre



50 in attendance, 26 new to email list, Cttee members Pete Mason, Yvonne Thomas, Vannessa, Fatuma, Denise, Councillors Bill turner and Josie Channer


Apologies Kelly, Lisa, Clive, Camerion Geddes, Ash from Pinnacle


Thames Safer Neighbourhood Team – were not in attendance. Yvonne noted that the Thames Safer Neighbourhood Team may be closing down due to cuts.


Paula Vandergert, University of East London, spoke on the work in the area. They are doing research on green infrastructure. An endangered species may be relocated here.


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed


Officers Reports Chair, and Treasurer gave reports. Secretary reserved report for Parking item.


Report from Parking Sub Committee for consideration: secretary thanked the subcommittee on behalf of the residents association for all its hard work and moved a report on parking which was agreed. Residents association agreed that it demand yellow lines be removed. Legal action being pursued. Petitioning of each street a huge success. It appears that the anger at the yellow lines is very widespread. Protests possible if residents support it despite possibility that it may affect house prices.


Bill Turner reported that the councillors had written to Pinnacle but Pinnacle “hadn’t engaged”. He commented that “the whole governance of Barking Riverside is in a bad way”. A new chief exec had been appointed. They were looking into planning but could not promise anything. “Assume the worst from what I’ve said.”


We will try to get the results from the survey/consultation that Pinnacle did.

Secretary will email Henry with the considerations for possible legal action the subcommittee has drawn up and consult on emailing to all on BRRA email list.


Residents felt that if legal action was possible it should be a class action. It was reported that a legal firm that had conducted the Stephen Lawrence case had a possible interest in looking at the issue. The yellow lines cost the residents £10,500. Yvonne called for this money to be refunded to the residents.

The cost of the parking under the flats was £5 a week – yet this was only imposed as an afterthought and this BRRA opposes the charge and calls for it to be removed.

The subcommittee will continue to meet to see if it can resolve the issue.


Any Other Business

Residents raised whether there was any duplication in the service charge and the council tax and volunteered to see if they could find out.

A resident raised about the rubbish piling up outside the London and Quadrant administered flats. The BRRA will write a letter concerning this.

It was agreed in future Pinnacle and BRL emails would be attached to the BRRA emails for the convenience of the residents.


Date of Next Meeting was set at 28 October 2015

Minutes of the Public Meeting of the Barking Reach Residents' Association (BRRA)

28th October 2015 at the Rivergate Centre


Meeting commenced 7.30pm. 26 in attendance.


Thames Safer Neighbourhood Team: Nilesh reported their contact point is between 9-12am Wed. and Thurs. at the Rivergate centre. Burglaries standing currently at 1 or 2 a week is normal for the area.

Travellers were escorted from their camp at Blessing Way to Thurrock.

On-going problem with motorbikes on Choats Road


Visitor Demi explained that she is pleased to be attending our meeting as she is studying the London 2012 regeneration legacy, issues such as sustainability.


Committee Members present: Yvonne, Denise, Pete, Fatuma, Gareth, Lisa.

Thames Ward Councillors Josephine Channer and Bill Turner.


Apologies from Clive, Vanessa and Cameron (holidays). Ash from Pinnacle is on paternity leave.


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed as a true record.


Matters arising: Yvonne has been told by a resident that the £10,500 cost of the yellow lines is to be removed from the service charge of Barking Riverside residents but this is not yet in writing.

Yvonne spoke to L&Q, who manage Robert Lewis House and they have no plans in the near future to implement a parking charge. We will be asking Southern Housing to remove the charge to the residents in the flats on Riverside.

Yvonne discussed the rubbish at Robert Lewis House with L&Q who are aware of the problem and are trying to find a solution. Residents are asked to report anyone they see dumping rubbish. The bin shed doors can not stay unlocked for security reasons. The clearances so far have been paid for by L&Q at no extra expense to the residents, though this may have to change in the future.

Not yet been able to ascertain if there will or has been any duplication in the service charge and the council tax.


Officers Reports: Chair nothing to report. Secretary asked that if emails announcing BRRA meetings are not getting through to check your spam. And four are bouncing. Treasurer on holiday.


Report on Parking: General discussion. Pete reported on progress: Yvonne has obtained a meeting with BRL, councillors and council on the question of parking. After this meeting the BRRA subcommittee on parking will meet to consider the outcome. Councillor Bill Turner said that in some major housing developments like ours the GLA/ Mayor can intervene in the local council’s section 106 planning. Residents maintained that the yellow line restrictions were unfair and should be removed for reasons outlined by the subcommittee.

It was asked: If Pinnacle is contracted by BRL to run the estate, and if so when their contract is coming up? Are there planned to be any electric charging points?


Any Other Business:

VPA: Improvement on road but reports of rudeness including from councillor Channer. A new meeting is planned with (Mr?) Johnson very soon. Perhaps the meetings should be ongoing. VPA have moved into a second building on Thames Road but planning permission for change of use has not been granted nor applied for. Yet it clearly is being used for religious worship as reported by residents. Agreed to write letter to council regarding this matter, objecting to the congregation using the new premises except for the car park facilities.

Residents further noted:

  • That the churches on Thames Road do not bring community to the Barking Reach area as the worshippers are not local.

  • That our own Rivergate centre has a church which is under-used and is not multi-faith as it should be, while other religious faiths have no room to worship in.

  • That the units facing the Rivergate centre are empty and should be used for the community, providing shops, café and facilities such as a doctors surgery, Youth Centre.


The residents association voted unanimously to write to our councillors to press our case that the empty units opposite the Rivergate centre should be for the use of the whole community, providing shops, café and facilities such as a doctor’s surgery, not for any religious groups, as had been noted that one religious organisation had shown interest. Reference was made to the Guardian article about the abysmal provision of facilities.


MyLocal have now taken over from Morrison's, and will be fully stocked by the weekend. Will still be open between 7am and 10pm so no change. Handed out flyers to show the prices. Will be doing hot food, £3.00 meal deals as well as Costa or Starbucks coffee.



Date of Next Meeting: 25 November 2015.

Minutes of the Public Meeting of the Barking Reach Residents' Association (BRRA)


25th November 2015 at the Rivergate Centre


Meeting commenced 7.30pm. 22 in attendance plus visiting speakers. Committee members present included Yvonne, Denise, Pete, Fatuma, Vanessa, Gareth, Lisa and Alex.


Transport for London speaker Edward Rees, consultant manager Barking to Gospel Oak line, spoke about bringing the London Overground line to Barking Riverside as part of a consultation with residents. Also present were Liam King, transport planner, and Aaron Rusling, development manager, for TFL London Overground. Road Shows: 30 November and 14th December. Wide ranging question and answer session took place: 10,800 new homes require extension of transport gaining 90% public support in the 2014 and 2015 consultations. Approval of Secretary of state for transport required after a statutory consultation period. Construction planned to begin in 2017 and completion by 2020-2021.


Apologies from Thames Ward Councillors Cameron Geddes, Josephine Channer and Bill Turner. Also from Anh, Carol Ann, and the Safer Neighborhood team


Minutes of previous meeting were agreed as a true record. Helen raised that she had an email but no letter confirming the reimbusement of the £10,500 spent on the double yellow lines which had come out of residents service charge.

L&Q rubiish has been an ongoing issue. Concerns about a doubling up of service charge and rates were raised.


Officers Reports were given: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.


Report on parking restrictions: Residents Association met with developers was given: waiting to see whether parking without yellow lines causes obstruction to emergency vehicles, or what arrangements can be made to avoid this.


TFL consultation for EL1 and EL2 bus route changes – Yvonne explained the changes proposed.


Green environmental project (i.e. garden, play area) Funding available – Yvonne and Vanessa agreed to investigate possibilities for our area.


Event for homeless – Fatuma of Triangoals made an appeal for small gifts for our Christmas shoe boxes to support the above event for homeless: please bring to the meeting if possible any small gifts such as toiletries, toothbrushes, toys, sweets, wrapping paper


Finally it was agreed that Alex Sweeting be on the Barking Reach Residents Association committee.


Date of Next Meeting: 27 January 2016

Minutes of the Barking Reach Residents' Association, 27 January 2016  at The Rivergate Centre, 7.30pm

30 present with 19 signed in plus Yvonne, Pete, Denise, Fatuma, Vanessa and Alex present from the Committee, Councillor Josie Channer 

Minutes of previous meeting were agreed.

Officers Reports were given: Chair, Secretary, Treasurer.

Riverside parking restrictions

Yvonne, Helen and Pete reported on the developments with regard to the yellow lines. On 23 January 2016, the Barking Reach Residents Association met with Matt Carpen, Senior Strategic Planner, Greater London Authority and Louis Chou, Infrastructure Manager, Barking Riverside Limited. Members of our parking subcommittee were present to advise on parking provision and observe whether removing the double yellow lines would block refuse lorry access on the Barking Riverside estate. A refuse vehicle attended which was taken round the entire estate. The outcome was that the yellow lines were agreed to be removed on most streets. A street-by-street report was made available to the meeting (Notes on proposed parking improvements dated 23/1/16) but it was made clear that this had not been endorsed by the estate management and we were awaiting the revised plan from Barking Riverside Limited. Any changes had to be agreed by LBBD and signed off by fire brigade, etc. 

No objections were raised in the meeting to proceeding according to the agreement, but there was concern over how the plan would be developed, especially along Lawes Way in relation to people parking from the VPA. Controlled Parking Zones were discussed and permits, but it was agreed to wait and see.

Issued raised included: Permits with addresses on them: A number of residents have complained that permits issued by Pinnacle for the Minter Road area display the first line of their addresses on it. Disabled parking on private land: A disabled driver was fined for parking on the double yellow lines. The fine was reported to be rescinded but there was no clarification on disabled parking since the roads are private. A resident parked in a retail bay and got a ticket within 15 minutes, despite the sign next to the bay saying 1 hour. Action: Pete agreed to contact Pinnacle/BRL about these issues.

L&Q residents

Robert Lewis House now have two new managers and will be providing a 5 day a week caretaker who would ensure the bins were rotated so that empty ones were reachable and the rubbish problem will hopefully be resolved. A resident noted that cheap carpet fittings were creating a trip hazard. A pipe is leaking. Car Park gate not working. These issues need reporting to the new L&Q management. Residents were advised to take the issues up with L&Q and if nothing done, we could then intervene on their behalf.

Residents raised that the Pinnacle portal was not very user friendly, but that it ensures that records are kept of issues raised. Action: Pete to ask Pinnacle to help residents understand how to set up their account at the residents surgeries. 

VPA enforcement

Various concerns were raised about VPA. The main issue now was parking. No meetings are planned with them. Action: find out what enforcement the council are taking against the use of the new site.

Statement re MyLocal store

There was a big meeting involving the councillors, LBBD anti-social behaviour team, the MyLocal regional and site manager, residents, Triangoals, BRL, L&Q, police and the Residents Association which covered a number of issues, including lighting, CCTV, problems with crime, increased policing and other matters. We are pushing for increased security measures in the area. MyLocal is collecting for the church, giving food to the homeless, and even has plans to put in tables and chairs so people can meet there. There is some movement on the empty shops – BRL know they need to rent them out and they know that people won’t rent them out unfitted.

Any Other Business: Residents asked if the lighting can go off after midnight as the lights are adjacent to people’s bedrooms. Action: Pete to contact Pinnacle.

Footpaths are too dark. A resident who works for the waterways said that in his experience low level lighting is permissible in areas adjacent to nature reserves and that therefore the shell path can be lighted. Our resident will investigate this further. Ditches need clearing. A shopping trolley has been there 2 ½ years. In the first instance residents should contact the environmental agency about this but if nothing is done, we could then take the matter up. Mosquitoes: Councillor Josie Channer has told previous residents meetings that there are funds available to combat mosquitoes. Dumped car in Drake Close for 18 months, has been reported by resident for removal. Action: Yvonne to chase up.

Visiting speaker from Living Streets addressed the meeting about their questionnaire about air quality.

Public Meeting of the Barking Reach Residents' Association

24 February 2016 at The Rivergate Centre, 7.30pm

1. Apologies: Councillors, Pinnacle, Carol, Rob, Lisa.

Present 15, including cttee members Yvonne, Pete, Vanessa, Denise. Fatuma, Alex Gareth

2. Minutes of previous meeting were agreed and signed.

3. Matters arising:

Disabled parking: Ash confirmed that Link Parking have been instructed to allow disabled badge holders to park on the yellow lines from now on (subject to monitoring).

Parking fines have been issued to people who are properly parked in the loading bays. Residents who get fines this way should see the Pinnacle office and get them rescinded. Parking signs have been further altered today with an added 'Park within the confines of the bay' sticker. Remain vigilant for any further changes before parking.

Parking Permits display first line of residents’ address; car bays with the number of the house on them These are security issues, and have been consistently raised by residents. Action: this will be taken up with BRL again.

VPA enforcement: council reported that it could take months or years to enact an enforcement order in respect of a breaking of a planning application.

Riverside Residents Portals: Pinnacle have replied saying they can advise on portals at their surgeries, if you are having problems they said it is easy to sign up, and there is a help page on there.

Gareth had queried who is responsible for clearing the water courses, YT reported that BRL are responsible for any land behind the fences enclosing areas where building construction is going on; Pinnacle for land this side of the fence, and the Environment Agency for the actual waterways. No further updates on the funding available for mosquitoes as mentioned by Cllr Channer at a previous meeting.

Dumped car on Drake Close has been reported by YT to BRL, Police (who contacted the council) and Pinnacle.

4. Riverside parking restrictions

Matt Carpen has supplied us with a revised map which was circulated. It contains 105 extra spaces, which the meeting agreed was a significant gain.


Crossness Road was not included in the review. Why? Minter Road now has a single yellow line as requested by the residents association. School Car park – Yvonne reported that BRL says that There are potential extra evening spaces at the school car park which we will need to review once we work out a management regime with the school after hours – granted this may only be workable for residents who are close by that area. This is a matter that will be brought up at the next CIC meeting.

The Chilworth Place residents present felt that there was significant pressure of parking on their road and that there would therefore likely be a need for extra spaces on this street, and that therefore ‘Nose In’ parking was likely to be needed.

Cycle Lanes: measures required to prevent cars parking in cycle lanes around Minter Road: flower pots or similar rather than bollards were suggested, as was asking BRL to invite Living Streets to review the problem areas. Alex Sweeting would like to be involved in this process.

New road running behind the Rivergate Centre to be bus only according to yesterday's verbal report from BRL. This will not be available to help with traffic issues and will restrict parking for the new residents. We were told previously there would be dropping off points there for cars?

Action: These issues, along with the above under matters arising, to be fed back to BRL.

School traffic calming measures are in train and take time, awaiting council adopting the road. In the meantime the school needs to take responsibility for the dangerous traffic situation on Minter Road at school opening and closing times. Will be discussed at next CIC meeting when all involved parties are present.

5. Service charge

Resident raised concerns about the service charges. 15 month old bill was reported to be full of errors, with an unknown additional charge from BRL. These issues need to be taken up with Pinnacle at their surgeries. Surgeries however are poorly notified. In addition there will be another Barking Riverside general meeting in March.

6. Heating complaints

Southern Housing employs Robert Heath Heating to service boilers and they are very poor. People book time off work several times for appointments and they don’t come. They dump stuff in public areas/fly tip. Action: Vanessa to write to Southern housing about this.

7. Any Other Business:

Sticky trees need removing. They destroy car paintwork. Action: Contact Southern Housing to remove said trees (Vanessa).

Petition: Residents agreed to petition houses to find out how many residents there are living in this catchment area. Then appeal the decision of National health England, which stops chemist shops and doctors surgeries being established in the area on the basis that there are not enough residents. YT to see which roads we need info for and ask for residents help in collating info. Healthwatch B&D are also looking into certain details and are happy to attend next meeting.

Rubbish: discussion on the rubbish littering people’s gardens. YT has signed up for Clean for the Queen, but would need more residents involved.

Dog Poo. Discussion on what to do about dog poo on the streets. YT to talk to Keep Britain Tidy for posters/signs

Notice board: we now have access to a notice board for our own use.

8. Date of Next Meeting: 30 March


Minutes of Public Meeting of the Barking Reach Residents Association 30 March 2016

at The Rivergate Centre, 7.30pm. 22 in attendance; from committee: Yvonne, Pete, Vanessa, Denise, Alex, Gareth. Councillor Channer also present.


Guest speaker from Link Parking Limited was not able to attend.

  1. Apologies from Ash and Police

2. Minutes were agreed.

3. Matters arising: Parking in retail bays 1hr only 24hrs. Disabled resident reported parking without problem.

Parking issues as listed in Minutes have been raised with Matt Carpen and a meeting has been arranged. PM to chase up.

VPA enforcement: complaints of loud music may have been coming from VPA but possibly Oasis whose planning application was turned down.

Pinnacle portal: A resident email ed Pinnacle and got a step by step guide to using the portal which she found helpful. Mosquitoes: Josie Channer confirmed funding available.

Service charges: resident says she requested a set of accounts but got nothing. The BRRA will act if this becomes a general problem raised by a number of residents but cannot act on these issues on behalf of individual residents. However Pinnacle have been promising a Riverside meeting and this we can chase up if it does not happen on the new date of April.

Vanessa wrote to Southern Housing regarding the sticky trees issue but needs more resident feed back before proceeding further. Dumping by Robert Heath Heating : Councillor Josie Channer will look into.

  1. Officers Reports:

Pete reported he had contacted Matt Carpen of BRL with issues raised in last meeting as per last month’s minutes (matters arising and under parking) and Matt had suggested a meeting, possibly with L&Q. We will raise about Living streets also.

Vanessa proposed that the officers meet on a Saturday to arrange bank account, which was agreed.

Yvonne reported:

Alex felt the need for more dialogue regarding cycling. Cars driving in square: Ash has been informed. Photos will be used in evidence. Children have been stealing alcohol. Sue Bramley centre advised us they have many events on. Low emissions network: it was agreed PM to respond to the survey as per discussion: not everyone got the survey; meeting required; we support local businesses which this will drive out; but not incinerators;

L&Q have been very poor in responding to the residents association when concerns have been raised. Estate manager has not responded.

Chemist/ healthcentre requires 10,000 population. It appears that there are less residents than that. B&D Health Watch will attend the next meeting.


Meeting closed 9pm prompt.

Minutes of the Barking Reach Residents Association 27 April 2016

The Rivergate Centre, 7.30pm


Attendance: 27 present including Councillors Bill and Josie Channer; Cttee: Yvonne, Pete, Vanessa, Alex, Gareth, Fatuma, Lisa


Apologies: Cameron Geddes; Tracy, Denise


  1. Special Guest speakers:

    1. Thames Safe Neighbourhood team Nilesh reported: theft an issue.

    2. Healthwatch Barking and Dagenham

Manisha Modhvadia addressed the meeting. There is a health watch in each borough. They can enter and view premises unannounced, gather views and monitor, make recommendation and required a response. They have a seat on the Health and Welfare Being

Yvonne explained that there is no pharmacy or GP service on the estate. Henry asked if Healthwatch would look at the expansion of population and suggested if plans were put in progress now, with the acceleration of building under L&Q, a sufficient GP service might be ready by the time we reach 10,000 residents.

Manisha said we are looking at this. Will take back and consult. Will talk to other residents. Will speak to Drs Kalkat and John. Residents said they haven’t been able to register in Thames View. About a quarter of those represent indicated such problems.

Bill Turner said. He’s on the Health board, which is a public meeting and residents should attend. The strategy for GPs is made in partnership with the council. Huge issues with health. He challenged the Clinical Commissioning Group that they were not taking issues seriously enough. Doctors not taking on is scandalous. Councillors will take your issues up. CCG have to have a local resident on its body. Henry volunteered for this. Vanessa – took 12 years to get registered.

Gareth asked what the so called ‘Healthy City’ – the fat free city concept? Healthwatch explained we should invite a health worker along who would know about this. ‘We can’t get you a pharmacy but we can talk to people who can come here and talk to you about it. We need to bring key people here to give you more information.’

Gareth asked why we can’t have a mobile pharmacy unit. Bill explained that Care City UK’s Healthy New Town concept (aka Healthy City) is about developing better cycle lanes and other things like that. A leaflet was sent round about it. He has put Dr Fiona Wright in touch with us. We are told we have 4,100 but their method arrives at an approximate figure by methods such as the number of people registered with a doctor!


    1. Mosquitoes

In 2002 there was a joint meeting of the Abbey, Gascoigne and Thames wards about the mosquito situation. Yvonne read out from the minutes of the meeting. The Environmental Agency promised to get rid of the stagnant water in the ditches (“creeks”) of the flood defences which it did the following year. Not been done since and there is a rising danger that the plague of mosquitoes of that period, which is in any case bad enough as it is, will return.

Yvonne reported that the ditch running under Thames Road is blocked. If the creeks in Thames View are not cleared the water in Barking Reach will not be able to flow and the mosquitos’ problem will remain. Bill said ‘Digging doesn’t seem to the Environmental Agency’s priority’.

Yvonne has contacted DF Clarkes who will clear our Riverside ditches, but will not treat it. The Environmental Agency is opposed to treating, but Yvonne explained that there are agents that treat just specific species and are not environmentally harmful.

Bill proposed he organises a walk around with Yvonne and councillors responsible.


2. Minutes of previous meeting were agreed

3. Matters arising:

Parking in retail bays – residents felt that there was insufficient parking for visitors, too much for retail. Why have 24 hr retail since shop is not open 24 hours?

Parking issues: Gareth and Helen raised that parking their street had actually got worse and the pavement impassable. Pete reported that the yellow lines had not been taken away and that was clearly causing a number of residents to be cautious where to park, and that there was no doubt that Chilworth Place was the worst affected by the parking issues. He reported that Matt Carpen has written to us proposing we sign off in the first week of May, and a meeting has been arranged. We will not sign off however but bring the new/final/revised detailed technical drawing information to the meeting, and raise the specific problems with Chilworth Place. Specifically, it was verbally agreed during the walk around that ‘Nose in’ parking was an option if the residents felt that the new arrangements had not been successful. We will bring the results of the discussion to the committee meeting next month.

Sticky trees – no developments as residents had not provided infraction.


Meeting closed

Minutes of the Barking Reach Residents Association Annual General Meeting

Wednesday 22 June 2016

Rivergate centre, Minter Road



Among those present were: Yvonne Thomas; Pete Mason; Vanessa Lawrence; Alex Sweeting; Henry Dodds; Denise Driver; Gareth Carey, Lisa Okafor; Chi Phan Ho; Fatuma Ssesimba; Magdalena Worboys; Chika Onyechi; Helen To; Pervez Sanjana; Amy Taylor; Anh Bui; Daron Smith (?) ; Paige Dodd; Christine Dodd; councillors Bill Turner and Josie Channer; L&Q


Apologies: Councillor Cameron Geddes


Speaker from HACAN East, Rob Barnstone; spoke about the increased noise and lack of consultation from London City Airport. Level of protest has caused them to listen. It was agreed that Alex draft a letter on behalf of residents echoing the concerns raised by HACAN east.


Minutes of last AGM were agreed as a true record and signed as such by the secretary and chair.


Matters arising: Progress on the report given by Jasper Sutherland of Make Good, a Design and Engagement company which was responsible for constructing the park off Galleon’s Drive, at the last AGM. It will not be ready until the next phase of the construction is done.


Chairperson’s report: Yvonne Thomas recorded the work of the year, many meetings and discussions; the agreement on Parking that has been reached, and that she had negotiated an agreement that a Chemist would be moving into one of the empty stores by My Local. Pete Mason expressed thanks for all the hard work Yvonne has put in over the year.


Secretary's report: Pete Mason reported further on the parking developments; that some issues remain; that he did not recall that the issue was signed off as yet; that Dhupal of BRL is working on technical developments now; and said that the Residents Association should hold a public meeting on the parking issue as the new restrictions come into force to ensure that the residents are able to discuss the issues involved. It is in the constitution that the Residents Association defend the interests of the residents. Pete said that sadly he had to resign due to conflicts with his time.


Treasurers report: Vanessa Lawrence reported on developments in getting an account set up and Richard Southall, L&Q offered help.


The officers then stood down and it was agreed that Henry Dodds chair the election of officers.


Election of committee/officers

Joint Chair: Alex Sweeting, proposed by Yvonne Thomas and seconded by Pete Mason and Yvonne Thomas, proposed by Henry Dodds and seconded by Alex Sweeting.

Vice-chair: Denise Driver proposed by Pete Mason and seconded by Yvonne Thomas

Secretary: Henry Dodds; proposed by Alex Sweeting and seconded by Pete Mason

Treasurer Vanessa Lawrence proposed by Pete Mason and seconded by Henry Dodds

Child Protection Officer: Fatuma Ssesimba proposed by Vanessa Lawrence and seconded by Pete Mason

No other nominations were made, and all those nominated agreed to take the post.

General Committee: Gareth Carey, Lisa Okafor; Chi Phan Ho; Fatuma Ssesimba; Magdalena Worboys; Chika Onyechi; Helen To; Pervez Sanjana; Amy Taylor; Anh Bui; Daron Smith (?) ; Paige Dodd; Christine Dodd; Pete Mason


Barking Reach Residents Association Meeting Minutes and Actions – 28 SEP 2016
Committee in attendance: Alex Sweeting (Co-Chair), Yvonne Thomas (Co-Chair), Henry Dodds (Secretary [Temp]),
Denise Driver (Deputy-chair), Vanessa Lawrence (Treasurer)
Guests in attendance: Stephen Addison (Box Up Crime), Richard Southall (L&Q), Lateefat Owulade (Community
Apologies: Safer Neighbourhood Team
Residents: (approx) 25
Agenda Item
1. Apologies and Introductions
Yvonne welcomed everyone to the meeting.
Apologies were noted above.
2. Special Guest Speaker – Stephen Addison – Boxed Up Crime
Box Up Crime is an organisation which helps over 2000 young people across 12 schools in the borough, contracted by
the Mayor’s Office after a pilot in August 2013 to help reduce crime in the local area through community participation.
They have a community boxing gym along Abbey Road which provides free facilities to young people, with 50 to 60
attending per night.
Stephen explained that the Box Up Crime also run behavioural classes and clubs in schools to help steer kids away from
the culture of crime. To date, the organisation has contributed to the reduction of crime in key areas of the borough
with many success stories.
The aim is to run free gyms across London and always to keep the model free to use for young people. Funding
currently comes from City Hall and donations (Abbey Road sports centre donated sports equipment), however there is
an increasing demand for paid adult classes which will help to subsidise the free model. Staff and volunteers are DBS
Other plans in the pipeline include “Kick Up Crime” which is the same model but with football.
Stephen also explained to residents his personal journey in his youth through to setting up the organisation and how it
has been shown that young people need an outlet to prevent them being coerced or steered into criminal activity.
Residents expressed interest in Box Up Crime and Stephen to run activities in the Barking Riverside/Reach area,
including adults expressing interest in paying for activities. Stephen will be following up with Richard Southall (L&Q) on
For more information on Box Up Crime, please visit their website: http://www.boxupcrime.org/
3. Previous Minutes and Matters Arising
Previous Minutes were agreed as accurate.
Church Hall and noise – Alex noted that weekends are particularly bad with noise from a small few who hire the hall at
the Rivergate Centre with no understanding of how loud they can be. This noise also unfortunately spills out into the
street when the hall closes where conversations/arguments/singing continues. This is exacerbated by the fact that the
car-park is not being used by visitors and cars are parked along the street, pavements, cycle paths and directly outside
the hall. It was noted that Pinnacle confirms that those who violate the terms of the hire have their deposit withheld
and are not allowed to book again, however many residents feel this is not enough of a deterrent for those who hire to
have consideration for noise levels and parking. Alex will continue to chase.
Action – Alex to chase Pinnacle on plans to moderate noise when hall is hired.
The residents also discussed the possibility that the cost of the car-park would put visitors off from parking there,
considering that there is “free” parking nearer the venue. It was asked why Link Parking on these nights are not in
attendance. It was reported that it was a late booking and there was no time to inform Link Parking.Parking would be discussed later in the meeting, including parking on pavements and cycle paths.
Community Organiser – Lateefat reported that the report she is compiling will be able to be public, however the
funding bid that may come from it may not be. She mentioned a meeting on 14 th October with Margaret Hodge to
discuss the report.
Notice Board – Yvonne announced that Ash will be putting up a notice board in a more prominent place by the crossing
next to the Rivergate Centre. This would mean more people would see this, rather than its current position by the clock
tower towards the back of the Centre.
4. Co-Chairs’ Report
Graffiti and Walls – Alex reported that Wood Street Walls (www.woodstreetwalls.co.uk) are in discussion with BRL/L&Q
on how to create walls which would discourage rogue graffiti on blank concrete walls by bringing in local artists.
Residents are encouraged to get involved with this, and speak to Alex S and Richard S.
Residents briefly discussed what type of art would be used, with concerns that urban art may not be in keeping with
the community aesthetic. Alex and L&Q took these comments on board.
Roadworks – these will be occurring along Gallions Drive and Crossness Road with speed bumps being redesigned. This
is not envisaged to disturb traffic.
London Open House – Yvonne reported there were 92 attendees at BRL looking at the new developments.
BRL Comms – BRL has employed a communications and marketing officer, Varsha. Yvonne will be meeting with her to
see what this means for residents, and Yvonne will report more hopefully next month.
Crashed car on Gallions Drive – the car has now been removed by some residents. The lamppost is still leaning from the
incident. Yvonne will be casing the council on this matter.
Pinnacle – A residents meeting for Pinnacle residents was held on the 7 th September. This covered a variety of topics
such as parking, noise levels and bookings, pinnacle resident financial matters, cleaning of the pinnacle estate and the
formation of a “resident’s committee”
Yvonne noted that this last section caused tension as some believed that it would be good to have a forum directly with
Pinnacle as a managing agent, however calling it a “Residents Association” may confuse the role of the group, as it
would not deal with wider issues to do with the community. The verbatim-style minutes from the meeting contained
many inaccuracies, and it was noted that it was sent to those on the portal and a select few others.
Residents once again briefly discussed the advertising of the meeting and possible topics.
Action – Henry would chase with Pinnacle on clear advertisement and agenda in advance on key topics.
GP/Health Update – Following on from a few meetings back, Henry provided an update on GP expansion. Sharom M
from the local Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) let Henry know that the decision on immediate GP expansion, with
the choice between extra capacity at Thames View or a satellite at the Rivergate Centre has been deferred to the next
CCG meeting in late Oct/early Nov.
Shops – Richard S reported that the Chemist opening next to the ex-My Local is Britannia (subject to contract). The
shell and core are being fitted with the aim for opening early December.
Other units will be allocated as L&Q office, another shop (TBC) and the corner unit to be a café. Most will hopefully be
open by late December 2016. The café may be in the New Year.
5. Parking
Richard S provided an update on the plans for the area in terms of enforcement.He thanked all residents for their patience and understanding with all that has been going on recently with various
letters going out to households. After feedback and suggestions from residents, it was decided that a full rollout of
enforcement would be postponed to sort out some of the issues raised, however it was decided that due to health and
safety concerns, enforcement of parking on pavements and cycle paths would be immediate along with permit
enforcement in block car-parks.
It was also noted by Richard that the lease for houses do not have a “named” bay, which means that the numbering on
those on the street is null and void once enforcement starts. (Any car with a house permit would be able to park in
those bays).
Residents agreed that something needs to be done for safety reasons, however many strongly voiced concerns that by
not rolling out full enforcement would push those who illegally park on the pavement and cycle paths onto those
spaces that should be “one per dwelling”. It was felt that the current plans were not sufficient enough as it could create
more of an issue, especially for those residents who would not be able to park anywhere. Residents were also
concerned that that the possible extra spaces that were identified for residents have not been created. Richard
commented that costings are still being sought.
Other comments included dwellings with multiple cars when there is only allocation for 1 per household putting
pressure on the system and the need for enforcement across the board; parking sub-committee and the gains of the
car-park and extra visitor spaces to be confirmed.
Suggestions from residents included clearer communication to all households on the plans including adding maps,
F.A.Q. sections and contact details to letters, along with a clear timetable of enforcement and how this will occur. Clear
communication would be required from Pinnacle who are on the front line with residents on parking issues.
After a debate on the above topics that took the meeting over by an extra half an hour, Richard said he would take all
of the comments on board and attempt to find a solution that would not put residents at a disadvantage.
Action – Richard to take away the comments from residents and inform all affected residents of the plans in a clear and
informed manner.
Addendum – 13/10/16 – Richard is currently awaiting a detailed map of the area to include in the letter which will be
sent out to all residents, and apologises to all residents for the delay.
6. Any other urgent matters
A resident commented that the lift in Ernest Websdale House, Harlequin Close has been temperamental and has
regularly broken down. This has resulted in a few residents being trapped inside the lift. The reported response from
Pinnacle has been poor.
Action – RA Committee co-Chairs will chase for an update.
Next meeting was confirmed as Wednesday 26 th October at 7:30pm – Rivergate Church
Meeting Closed


Barking Reach Residents Association Meeting Minutes and Actions – 22/2/2017

Committee in attendance:

Yvonne Thomas

(Co-Chair), Alex Sweeting (Co-Chair)

, Vanessa


Denise Driver


Guests in attendance:

Richard Lambert (Living Streets), Ash Alam (Pinnacle), Darren Logan (Pinnacle) Alicia




15- 20 in attendance

Agenda Item



Myth busting

There will be extra spaces

In talks with developers constantly

Enforcement is imminent

Damages to pavements due to parking

All properties have 1 space

Pinnacle are not responsible but are messenger

Link and council are enforcing

Link parking costs us nothing

Only make money through tickets, no other parties make money. 3% goes back to residents in CIC

Gareth questioning if enforcement will start on time? No response except letters are imminent Alicia


Originally bays are numbered but this will not be used

Houses only

Residents worried about threats and bad behaviour

Gareth worried about non enforcement and says we could challenge on that as it's in s106

Reminder that follow up meeting in 3 months after enforcement starts with BRL

Council responsible for galleons drive lines

VPA and oasis cause issues on crossness road

From oasis up Thames road will soon become Holmes

Roads fully adopted by council soon

Query to ask BRL about motorcycles

Yvonne to email Richard

Gareth, pinnacle communication is poor, BRL less so and l&q are ok

Link will take you to court


Leaking roofs

Robert Lewis House resident spent 20 months with a leaking roof

First complaint not dealt with and only escalated very late on. Still no solution.

Is there an authority for the resident to go to?

Yvonne sent emails and not happy with response.

Don't cook

Can't use bathroom

Contractor let him down

Complaints on how dealt with on the phone.

Alicia to chase

Scaffolding is up on Gaalleons drive due to other leaks

Contact NHBC for help

Mags husband can be contacted for these issues (Danny Warboys)

Meeting Closed



Garden is going ahead, we have agreed to arrange a meeting in the coming weeks.

Planning has started

Those who want to please sow seeds at home

We have planted a few flowers that were donated.

Pop up

A very successful evening with over 86 attending

It was around -2° and snowing at times!

Residents want to do it again.



Living streets are a walking charity.

They want to hold A night walk to highlight badly lit areas

29th. March, please note the date

Lighting has started on the decking area

Gareth says the steps need it more



Gareth to contact the council regarding non pinnacle areas of gardens and greenery

Including the roundabout which is embarrassing

Near the vpa greenery

Inspection of hedges

Bins and pinch points

Ripple nature reserve, some residents don't know it's there.

Renwick road speed bumps, add double yellow lines, make single to allow visiting of the nature reserve.

As to write letter to council



Alicia has a budget to do seasonal events

Looking at the school and box up crime.

Asked for it to be available to older residents and not just kids

15k annual budget

Next event is at Easter

Yvonne wants to e tend this to the garden and pond

Aqua zorbing was an idea.

Concerns about wildlife

Residents asked to celebrate all festivals such as ede, Diwali etc

West game football coaching available

3 days

Maybe a halloween walk?


Any other urgent matters

Bus bridge on crossness road expected September 2017

TGE residents need to be aware that they Are currently in administration and are looking for a buyer.

Service should not be affected but contact pinnacle for info.



Constitution of the

Barking Reach Residents’ Association



The name of the organisation shall be Barking Reach Residents’ Association (hereafter referred to as the group).



To safeguard and promote the interest of residents in the area on matters concerning housing and the environment. To help to improve living conditions, community facilities and services for residents living in the groups area. In order to do this we are committed to representing the views of residents in our area of operation.


The group will uphold equal opportunities and work towards good relations amongst all members of the community, specifically prohibiting any conduct which discriminates or harasses on grounds of race, religion, disability, political belief, sex or sexual orientation.



a) Membership shall be open to all residents, irrespective of tenure, in the Barking Reach Area.

b) All voting members must be at least 16 years of age.

c) Membership shall cease immediately upon a person leaving the area defined in paragraph 3a).

d) Membership shall be free of subscription unless the committee resolve otherwise.



a) A committee shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) of the group and shall serve for 12 months.

b) The committee shall consist of at least three members, who shall have the power to co-opt other members on to the committee, during the course of the year. All members will have voting rights.

c) The AGM will elect a Chair, Secretary and Treasurer. Vacancies in these posts will be filled by the Committee until the next general meeting. No committee member shall fill more than one position.

d) The committee and office bearers shall make and carry out decisions in accordance with the objectives of the group.

e) Meetings of the committee shall be open to any member of the group who wishes to attend.

f) There must be at least three of the committee members present for any decisions to be made at a committee meeting.

g) Voting members may be co-opted from residents to fill casual vacancies throughout the year.

h) Committee members can be voted off if they have not attended three consecutive meetings without good reason and have not submitted their apologies.

i) Committee members must declare any interest they may have in the topic under discussion and the committee will decide if they need to forfeit their right to vote on this occasion.



a) Members may speak only through the Chair.

b) Decisions will be agreed by a simple majority, voted in through a show of hands, or a secret ballot.

c) Meetings will end at the time agreed by the committee unless all those present agree to extend the meeting.

d) Any offensive behaviour, including racist, ageism, sexist or inflammatory remarks will not be permitted.

e) Any member who brings the group into disrepute or refuses to comply with the constitution shall be expelled on a majority vote of the full committee.

f) Any such member will have the right to appeal within 28 days of the expulsion. The appeal shall be heard by the membership at a Special General Meeting called for that purpose.

g) The Secretary shall deal with all correspondence.

h) Agendas will be distributed to the membership at least four days before a meeting, where possible. Items for the agenda should be forwarded to the Secretary and Chair seven days before the meeting, where possible.

i) Minutes will be distributed to the membership 7 days after a meeting, where possible.



a) The group may raise funds by obtaining grants from other bodies or by fundraising schemes. All money raised by or on behalf of the group shall be applied to further its objectives.

b) All funds shall be kept in a bank account that shall be opened in the name of the group.

c) The Secretary, Treasurer and the Chair shall be signatories on the account and all cheques shall require two of these signatures.

d) Accounts shall be kept by the Treasurer, and brought to every committee meeting where they may be inspected. Failure to bring the books to a meeting on three consecutive occasions will mean the Treasurer will be asked to resign.

e) All expenditure shall be agreed and controlled by the committee. Receipts should be acquired for all expenditure over one pound.

f) All payments over ten pounds shall be made by cheque, not cash. Any exception to this rule shall be discussed and agreed by the committee.

g) No officer shall sign a blank cheque – all cheques to be filled in before signatures are added.

h) Once a year, the accounts will be audited and presented to the Annual General Meeting of the group. The Auditors will be either:

A Council Officer, Bank Employee or:

The committee of another constituted local community organisation.

  1. All correspondence of the group including the bank statement, shall be addressed to the secretary.



a) Public meetings of the members shall be regularly held to discuss matters of importance and to keep the members fully informed of the group’s activities.

b) Members shall be given 14 days’ notice of a public meeting.

c) All votes shall be decided by a simple majority of the members present. This applies to all meetings of the group.

d) Any member, having the written support of 20 other members, may request the committee to call a Special Public Meeting of the group. The committee shall call the meeting within 21 days of this written request.



a) An AGM shall be held every year to discuss the activities of the group, to receive the audited accounts and to elect the committee.

b) The AGM shall be held at a suitable venue to accommodate as many members as possible.

c) At least 14 days’ notice needs to be given to members of the AGM.

d) At the AGM the resignation of all committee members will be accepted and a new committee elected.



a) This constitution shall only be changed at a Special Public Meeting of the group, or at the AGM.

b) For decisions to be taken there must be a quorum of at least 10 members. The voting shall be by simple majority of those present.

c) All members shall be given 14 days’ notice of the meeting and proposed changes.

d) Proposed changes must be submitted to the secretary in writing not less than 28 days before the AGM. The secretary must notify members of any proposed changes within 21days of the meeting.



a) The group will ensure that any activities they are involved with will be a safe environment for children.

b) If group activities are to involve children a Child Protection Policy will be adopted and a committee member will be appointed to take responsibility for its implementation.



a) As trustees for and on behalf of the group, the current Chair, Secretary and Treasurer, may enter into leases and access agreements that are transferable to on-going elected office bearers to further the objectives of the group as set out in clause 2.



a) The group may only be dissolved by a special meeting called for that purpose. Such a meeting shall come about following a proposal in writing signed by a simple majority of those remaining on the committee being submitted to the Secretary.

b) All members shall be informed of such a meeting at least 21 days before the date of the meeting.

c) Dissolution of the group shall only take effect if agreed by two thirds of the members present and voting at that meeting.

d) Any assets remaining after meeting liabilities must be distributed among local charities or other community group with similar aims of the group nominated by that meeting.

e) Any money received via funding bodies should be returned to the funders in relation to the funding criteria.

f) On dissolution, any documents belonging to the group shall be disposed of in a manner agreed by that meeting.


This constitution was adopted at a committee meeting of the Barking Reach Residents Association on

……….. day of ……………………… (year)



Signed Chair …………………………………… …………………………..…..

Print name


Signed Secretary ……………………………………… ……………………..………..

Print name


Signed Treasurer ……………………………………… ……………………………....

Print name

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