Welcome  to the Barking Reach Residents Association website.

This website is for local residents to raise issues, concerns, to discuss our problems and look for positive suggestions. But it is also a place where we can build a community, offer our help and skills should we have any, support each other, make positive suggestions.

Please feel free to post, use the forum and keep it alive. Let us know about events in the area, courses, meetings and anything that goes on.

We live in a lovely place but it does feel a bit isolating, so let’s get closer, let’s have a coffee together, let’s come together as a helping and including community where neighbours respect and look out for each other.

The following are a few rules to make sure we run this website,  respecting each other.

1) Please keep the swearing to a minimum. The occasional swear word will be tolerated but please, use some common sense and basic manners.
2) Please no name calling, no offensive words and insults towards any member of this community.
3) No racist/sexist/homophobic remarks. Any hate spreading comment will be removed immediately.
4) No explicit images, no pornography, again use common sense.
5) You can advertise something you are selling or offer services but please do not take advantage of it. These kind of posts are limited to one per person per day.
6) Please respect each other’s opinion. Different views make us richer, please be considerate of others and should you not agree do say so in a polite and constructive way. Sterile arguments will not be tolerated, please be civil towards each other.

We don't agree with censorship but please beware any comment or post that goes against these rules will be deleted. Persistent offenders will be removed from the forum.

Enjoy the website